The National Council for Persons with Disabilities was set up in December 2004 following the enactment of The Persons with Disabilities Act (PWD) Bill 2003. The Council is a semi-autonomous government agency (SAGA) whose parent Ministry is the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. The membership consists of nominees of Organisations of and for persons with disabilities, key government ministries, the Office of the Attorney General, Federation of Kenya Employers and the Central Organisation of Trade Unions. The Board is headed by a non-executive Chairperson. The day-to-day activities are run by a Secretariat.


A vibrant agency promoting disability mainstreaming in National Development.


To mainstream disability issues in all aspects of socio-cultural, economic and political development.

Service Charter

Service Charter- English

Cheti cha huduma- Kiswahili


NCPWD has a National Office at the Kabete Orthopedic Compound opposite ABC Place along Waiyaki Way, Nairobi.

The other office is at Mountain View estate, after Kangemi along Waiyaki Way Nairobi, Plot No. 195.

Address: Box 66577-00800, Nairobi

Telephone / Fax: 020 2375994

: 020 2314621

Email: ncpwds@africaonline.co.ke

Feedback and complaints:

If you wish to give feedback about the service you have received at National Council for Persons with Disabilities you can email: complaints@ncpwd.go.ke

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  1. am currently working on an academic proposal to be represented at the end of this trimester in my school and i was interested and wanted to learn more and also educate the rest of my community that is my campus mates and lecturers on the challenges faced by the disabled in the job market and enlighten them on a change of attitude towards them. please reply thanks in advance.

  2. As we debate the harmonized draft constitution the voices of the minorities and the marginalized communities should not be muzzled by poor reporting and shear ignorance of the media professionals. Reading the articles I was worried that our media was failing to champion the course of the PWD in Kenya by misreporting and neglecting the responsibility to inform, educate and communicate to the masses.

    The communique from the PWD was very strong on key issues that needed the attention of the public, the disability movement and key – the Committee of Experts. Issues that come to light at least for me – the PWD resolution was clear on language in the draft constitution was that the Deaf community needed to have Kenyan Sign Language elevated
    to a national language similar to English and Swahili due to its national cohesion characteristic and in keeping with international standards on language classifications the sign language used in Kenya is Kenyan Sign Language (KSL). Just to mention that the draft constitution mentions sign language but does not specify which one to be used in Kenya, as it is there exists Kenyan Sign Language, American
    Sign Language and British Sign Language – there is no global sign language! Thus the Kenyan Deaf community emphasis on KSL.

    The resolution further indicated that the draft constitution had labels or stereotypes that the disability community felt were derogatory for instance visual or hearing impairment need to be changed to Blind and Deaf. Reasonable accommodations or considerations
    need to changed to ‘equal access to..’

    Apart from the above citations I encourage the Standard group to keep up the good work by writing segments that highlight not just the challenges, plight but also the success stories in the lives and times of PWD in Kenya especially this week as we mark the UN day of the
    people living with disabilities on 3rd of December 2009.

    Disability is not inability, nothing for us without us!

    Writer is a KSL Interpreter, Scholar and Consultant
    Regional Representative of the Kenyan Sign Language Interpreters
    Association (KSLIA)

    Jack Owiti,
    Gmail: owitie@gmail.com

  3. I want to know what if anything you do for the deaf. Are there any organisations registered with your organisation?
    Thank you.

  4. am a disabled lady and would like to know how or wherre to register as a member of NCPWD.please give me a feed back

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