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Brief of Disability Mainstreaming Department

Disability Mainstreaming is an established department at NCPWD. Its sole mandate is to facilitate Disability Mainstreaming Programmes in Public and Private Sector. Our main objective is to promote Government Institutions to embrace the Principle of Universal Design, Reasonable Accommodation, and setting up an atmosphere that accelerates the needs and aspirations of PWDs. It’s centered at creating all inclusive and accessible environments for Persons with Disabilities.

Disability Mainstreaming forms part of the indicators in the Performance Contracts of all MDAs. The essence of this is to anchor Disability into government policies, plans and programmes to ensure that needs, aspirations and interests of PWDs are addressed. Deliberate efforts to recognize and acknowledge the various ways in which PWDs can be able to make contribution to the society is being addressed. It’s also meant to increase the level of awareness in all Ministries, State Corporation, County Governments, Learning Institutions and other Public Institutions.

Currently Institutions are implementing the following Indicators:

  1. Establish and operationalize Disability Mainstreaming Committee with 30% representation of PWDs.
  2. Formulate Disability Mainstreaming Action Plan to ensure that Staffs are informed on disability related aspects and to empower persons with disabilities.
  3. Sensitize and train staff on service provision to persons with disabilities such as mental, physical, visual, deaf, albinism, epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, etc.
  4. Establish structures and systems that ensure persons with disabilities access information and services, e.g. Train staff on sign language, avail materials in Braille, ramps, signage, guides, accessible toilets, lifts with visual, audio and ductile features, non slippery floor surface, disability friendly vehicles & walkways, accessible parking, etc.).
  5. Ensure progressive realization of attaining the 5% on elective, appointive, contractual of all recruited personnel in appointments, employment/promotion for persons with disabilities.
  6. Should ensure that there is no discrimination in advertising, interviewing, recruitment, volunteerism, internships, training & promotions of PWDs.

Departmental Activities:

  1. Carry out Trainings and sensitization s to increase awareness on Rights of PWDs to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)
  2. Receive, Analyze and provide feedback on Quarterly Disability Mainstreaming Reports submitted by ministries, state corporations, learning institutions and other public entities on progress of the implementation of the Disability Mainstreaming Indicator as captured in their respective Performance Contracts.
  3. Carry out accessibility audits to assess the level of how PWDs are able to access goods and services within organization i.e. accessible communications & transport system, ramps, sign language, Braille etc.
  4. Build capacity of MDAs to facilitate the implementation of Disability Mainstreaming as guided by the Performance Contracting Guidelines released Annually by the Performance Contracting Department (Secretariat)
  5. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of disability mainstreaming indicators in various MDAs
  6. Assist in developing, validating and moderating of Disability Mainstreaming Strategies/policies and Annual Work Plan for various MDAs.
  7. Institutionalize Disability Mainstreaming in all policies and programmes
  8. Promote campaigns to eliminate retrogressive cultural practices which impact on PWDs negatively
  9. Lobby and advocate for reservation of job opportunities for PWDs emphasizing on 5% progressive achievement for PWDs
  10. Awareness Creation on the 30% Allocation of Government Procurement Opportunities to Women, Youths and Persons with Disabilities (AGPO)
  11. Initiate the development of the National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy
  12. Collaborate with the Legal Department in putting in place an efficient legal system to help protect the rights of PWDs in order to reduce their human rights violation.
  13. Disseminate, the Affirmative Action Policy on PWDs
  14. Advocate for equal representation of PWDs at all levels (Institutional, County and National Government) of decision making.



Disability Mainstreaming Reportng tools For MCDA's

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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament; the Persons with Disabilities Act No. 14 of 2003 and set up in November 2004.

The Council representation is drawn from key government Ministries and organizations of/for persons with disabilities.

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