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Economic Empowerment
The Fund provides grants to Community and Self Help Groups for Economic Empowerment or Revolving Fund Schemes. These grants aim to help Persons with Disabilities gain self-sufficiency in generating income and to enable them to gain the skills and experience to access the loans required to grow their business. The groups must be of and for persons with disabilities. This can include the carers of Persons with Disabilities. The group must be at least one year old to be eligible. Groups need to be legally registered to operate within the Republic of Kenya and also registered with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in order to apply.


The programme has a two-prong approach;

  • Funding for group to jointly undertake common project for the membership. This could include, for example, agriculture, rearing livestock, bead making, shop keeping etc.
  • Revolving fund for on-lending to group members to engage in businesses at individual level.

Revolving fund schemes are schemes where established groups of persons with disabilities provide loans to their members. Groups can apply to the Fund for a grant to start off this scheme. The group can then give loans to group members to run self managed small businesses. It is expected that group members will repay the loan to the group. Any profits should add to savings, be re-invested, or contribute to welfare of persons with disabilities and their families. For example, by offering loans to new members or using profit to buy medicines. Please note that the grant provided by the Fund does not need to be repaid.

Economic empowerment grants are for established groups of persons with disabilities to start up business activities.

Any application for income generating activities will need to show clear understanding of demand in the local market, in other words, that the products will sell, and that this will make a profit. They should also show what benefits the business will bring to Persons with Disabilities in the community.

The Fund does not currently give grants or loans to individual persons with disabilities. The Fund will not pay for the purchase or rent of business premises, nor for running costs such as fuel or electricity.

Applicants are advised to apply 3-6 months in advance of when they hope to start the project, to allow time for processing.

Many of the funded groups have established successful revolving schemes supporting members to engage in businesses. Amani Physically Handicapped Group, Nyakach is running a very successful scheme proving members with small business loans.

The requirement for the Economic Empowerment include;

  • Registration with NCPWD
  • Dully filled Economic Empowerment form.
  • Signed copy of minutes of past meeting, contacts and national ID of members.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Certified Bank statement of the group.
  • Constitution of the group.
  • Proposal with the Budget for the project.

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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament; the Persons with Disabilities Act No. 14 of 2003 and set up in November 2004.

The Council representation is drawn from key government Ministries and organizations of/for persons with disabilities.

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