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Albinism (Support Program)

Albinism Support Program sunscreen lotion distribution launch

The National Council for Persons with Disabilities has been implementing this program to cushion persons with albinism from the effects of harmful sun rays, which leads to skin cancer.  Since it was placed at the Council in 2011, the Council has been providing sunscreen lotions, lip balms, and other services for all Persons with Albinism to mitigate against the effects of the harmful sun rays that cause skin cancer. The main activities of this program are;

  • Provision of sunscreen lotions, Lip care and After Sun Lotions

This program is designed to cushion Persons with Albinism from the effects of harmful sun rays, which causes skin cancer. The program is currently providing sunscreen lotions to over 4,000 Persons with Albinism. The sunscreen lotions are distributed to selected government hospitals, which then dispense them to PWAs. One bottle of sunscreen Nivea sunscreen lotion is provided to every registered Person with Albinism monthly. Additionally, clients are entitled to one after sun lotion every two months. Alongside the sunscreen and after-sun lotions, lip balms have also been procured for PWAs who are entitled to a piece each month.

  • Provision of protective clothing

One of the expert’s recommendations on matters of prevention of skin cancer, apart from the application of sunscreen lotion, is the provision of protective clothing and avoidance of prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, the council has procured long-sleeved T-Shirts and Wide Brim Hats.

  • Provision of comprehensive Eye Care.

The Council has set aside funds to provide comprehensive eye care for all PWAs in our records. A hospital Situated in Nairobi Westlands along Waiyaki Way at Pacis Centre called EYE & U was identified after advertisement and evaluation. The Council is paying for a full check-up, including the cost for the eyeglasses. Over the last three years, the Council has supported clients who succumb to skin cancer by paying for the medical bills. Before clients go to the pharmacist to collect lotions, they are usually examined by the clinician to help identify any signs of skin cancer.

  • Awareness activities

Organizations are conducting the awareness program for persons with albinism on behalf of the council. This awareness has targeted the community members and key stakeholders of this program. It was planned to give the public more information on albinism with a view of demystifying albinism.


The requirements for the Albinism Sunscreen and Support program includes;

  1. Registration with NCPWD
  2. Proof of the requirements in the ranking criteria
  3. Full photograph
  4. Copy of National ID or that of the guardian if the person is under 18 years.