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Assistive Device

Presentation of wheelchairs

Assistive devices and services are any product or service designed to enable greater independence for PWDs. Common examples of such devices are wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids, calipers, surgical boots and prosthetic arms or legs. A common example of an Assistive Service is Sign Language interpretation.

The Council through National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (NDFPWD) supports the provision of Assistive Devices and Services to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Kenya to enable these individuals to function in society.  The Fund gives priority to those individuals requiring assistance to function in a learning, training or work environment the Council over the last two years supported over 10,000 registered persons with disabilities with different types of Assistive devices and assistive service.

However, provision of this products and service has been with challenges as a result of quality versus resources available this has posed a big gap in providing this device to high number of applicants every year.

 The requirement for the Assistive Device and Services include;

  • Duly filled Assistive Devices application form
  • Copy of Disability Identification Card
    Copy of national ID (or parent’s or guardian’s if applicant is under 18 years) 
  • Original professional Disability Assessment report
  • Pro-forma invoice (Where the device is not provided by prequalified suppliers.

Assistive Devices Application

To apply for Assistive Devices, follow the steps below

Step 1: Download and fill the Application form

Step 2: Enter your contact details

Applications are only successful where applicant details i.e name, ID number and disability number match our database.