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Gazette Notice No. 3230 The Persons With Disabilities Act  (No. 14 Of 2003) The National Council for Persons with Disabilities Appointment

IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 4 (1) of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 2003, the Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Public Service Gender, Senior Citizens Affairs and Special Programmes appoint to the Board of Directors of the National Council For Persons With Disabilities

Under Section 3 (1) (a)



National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (NDFPWD) Applications to the National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities are open through out the year.


In the context of this programme, persons with severe disabilities refers to those who need permanent care including feeding, toiletry, protection from danger by other persons, Full time support has to be offered by a caregiver to ensure their needs are attended to.


The Council has been implementing the National Persons with Albinism Sunscreen Support Programme that is providing sunscreen lotions to over 3,026 persons with albinism.


Disability Mainstreaming is an established department at NCPWD. Its sole mandate is to facilitate Disability Mainstreaming Programmes in Public and Private Sector.


The Job Placement Department deals with analyzing market information trends in order to disseminate market intelligence to the PWDs.


The Legal Service Department is an in-house service providing unit of the Council.

Dr. Habiba H Mohamed

Dr. Habiba H. Mohamed

Independent Non-Executive Director

Member: Finance & Procurement Committee

Date of Birth: 1977

Date of Appointment 9th Feb, 2022

Key Qualifications: Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) Master in Family Medicine (MMed) Master in Public Health (MPH) Advanced Certificate – Aviation Medicine (AvMed) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

Work Experience: Currently a Family Physician and Health Systems Strengthening Specialist. She previously worked as Health Specialist at CARE International. Health Adviser at the Department for International Development (DFID/ UK AID), Health Adviser, Mercy USA for Aid and Development. Medical Officer, Ministry of Health

Slyvia M Mochabo

Slyvia M Mochabo

Board Member

Key qualifications

  1. –       Graphic Design – Diploma in Multimedia Design
  2. –       Certificate in Autism
  3. –       Certificate in ADHD Awareness
  4. –       Bachelor of Commerce (Degree)
Mercy Mugure Gichunge

Mercy Mugure Gichunge

Board Member

Mercy holds a Master of Philosophy Disability rights from the University of Pretoria and is currently pursuing Masters of Gender development studies at Kenyatta university.

She is an expert on the rights of persons with disabilities according to the CRPD and other international and regional legal instruments. Mercy has a physical disability and brings wealth of experience from the numerous advocacy projects she has successfully implemented and a personal journey as a woman with a disability. She is also an alumni of Kenyatta University Students Association (KUSA) where she served as the special needs secretary.

During her tenure she initiated the Disability Awareness Day campaign that was incorporated in the university calendar and is observed annually since then and has been replicated in other institutions of higher learning.
Mercy is currently an employee in a telecommunication company and a very active diversity and inclusion champion.

Dr Michael Munene

Dr Michael Munene

Board Member

Key Qualifications
– PhD – Universal Design and Disability Mainstreaming
– MA in Sustainable Design
– Postgraduate Diploma – Project Management
– BA – Interior Design

Work Experience
– 2010 To Date – Lecturer and Researcher at University of Nairobi
– Disability Mainstreaming Expert
– Grant Research Projects on Disability

Joseph Kariringah Lerina

Joseph Kariringah Lerina

Board Member

Key qualifications
– Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
– Certificate in Law Enforcement and Peace Building Initiatives
– Human Rights Training

Work experience
– Worked as Data Baseline Survey Officer at World Vision Kenya
– Currently working in VSO Kenya in Right to Education and life to Children with Disability, Educator Facilitator in Disability Championing.

Zena Atetwe Jalenga

Zena Atetwe Jalenga

Board Member

Key qualifications
– Post Graduate Diploma – Kenya School of Law
– Degree – LLB University of Nairobi

Work experience
Rashid and Rashid Advocates – Managing Partner
Betty Rashid and Advocates – Partner
Legal Consultant – Paradetic Consult
Associate Advocate – Otieno Muga Advocates

Harun Hassan Executive Director

Harun Hassan

Executive Director

Date of Birth: 1978

Date of Appointment: December 2020

Key Qualifications:

Holds a Master of Arts (MA) Public Administration from IGNOU.

Bachelor’s Degree in Env. Studies, Planning & management

Work Experience: He has wide experience in community work and disability rights spanning nearly 20years. Formerly a public administrator with Government of Kenya and a founder of the Northern Nomadic Disabled Organisation (NONDO), the first organization of persons with disabilities targeting nomadic communities in Kenya.