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Disability Mainstreaming

The Disability Mainstreaming Department conducts disability mainstreaming at NCPWD. Its core mandate is to facilitate Disability Mainstreaming Programmes in the Public and Private Sector. The department’s primary objective is to ensure that Government institutions embrace the Principal of Universal Design, Reasonable Accommodation, and setting up an atmosphere that accelerates the needs and aspirations of PWDs. Hence, it is centered on creating an all-inclusive and accessible environment for Persons with Disabilities.  The Disability Mainstreaming department carries out different departmental activities which align to the realization of the core mandate of their objectives, i.e., It carries out training and sensitization to increase awareness on rights of PWDs to Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), it institutionalizes Disability Mainstreaming in all policies and programs, it lobbies and advocates for reservation of job opportunities for PWDs emphasizing on 5% progressive achievement for PWDs, etc.

Disability Mainstreaming forms part of the indicators in the Performance Contract of all MDAS with the essence of anchoring disability into government policies, plans, and programs. As a result, institutions have put measures and programs that ensure the needs, interests, and aspirations of PWDs are addressed.

Such measures include:

  1. Establishment and operationalization of Disability Mainstreaming Committee with 30% representation of PWDs.
  2. Formulation of Disability Mainstreaming Action Plan to ensure that Staffs are informed on disability related aspects and to empower persons with disabilities.
  3. Sensitization and training of staff on service provision to persons with disabilities 
  4. Establishment of structures and systems that ensure persons with disabilities access information and services, e.g.; Train staff on sign language, avail materials in Braille, ramps, signage, guides, accessible toilets, lifts with visual, audio and ductile features, non-slippery floor surface, disability friendly vehicles & walkways, accessible parking
  5. Ensuring progressive realization of attaining the 5% on elective, appointive, contractual of all recruited personnel in appointments, employment/promotion for persons with disabilities.
  6. Ensuring that there is no discrimination in advertising, interviewing, recruitment, volunteerism, internships, training & promotions of PWDs.


The disability mainstreaming training is meant to build capacities of DMC committees in order to equip them with information that would make them improve services in their respective institutions on disability as an indicator. 

1.MDAs Group trainings 
Group trainings will be offered to MDAs at venues that the Council will identify.  
The costs associated with these trainings will be for conference facilities and 
course materials only. 
2. Online trainings   
Online trainings will be offered for senior staff and general staff only.  The online 
training will be offered at a cost.    
3. In house training  
In house training – this means an individual institution organizes for the training 
outside of their work station and caters for the cost of the following: 
  • Conference facility, 
  • Own staff subsistence allowanceand
  • Facilitation and DSA for the NCPWD team  

The training will be held from 26th April 2022 –28th April,2022. Choose your preferred venue in the form below. The cost of the training is Ksh 20,000/= per person which covers course materials and conference facility.



National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (NDFPWD) Applications to the National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities are open through out the year.


In the context of this programme, persons with severe disabilities refers to those who need permanent care including feeding, toiletry, protection from danger by other persons, Full time support has to be offered by a caregiver to ensure their needs are attended to.


The Council has been implementing the National Persons with Albinism Sunscreen Support Programme that is providing sunscreen lotions to over 3,026 persons with albinism.


Disability Mainstreaming is an established department at NCPWD. Its sole mandate is to facilitate Disability Mainstreaming Programmes in Public and Private Sector.


The Job Placement Department deals with analyzing market information trends in order to disseminate market intelligence to the PWDs.


The Legal Service Department is an in-house service providing unit of the Council.

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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament; the Persons with Disabilities Act No. 14 of 2003 and set up in November 2004. The Council representation is drawn from key government Ministries and organizations of/for persons with disabilities.

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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities
Address: Box 66577-00800, Nairobi
Telephone: 020 2375994/ 020 2314621/ 0709 107 000
Toll Free: 0800 724 333

Email Address: info @ncpwd.go.ke

Contact Information

The National Council for Persons with Disabilities
Address: Box 66577-00800, Nairobi
Telephone: 020 2375994/ 020 2314621/ 0709 107 000
Toll Free: 0800 724 333
Email Address: info@ncpwd.go.ke

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Disability Mainstreaming

To apply for Disability Mainstreaming, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and Fill the Disability Mainstreaming Workplan Template

Step 2: Enter your contact details

Applications are only successful where applicant details i.e name, ID number and disability number match our database.