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Infrastructure and Equipment for Institutions

Infrastructure and equipment grants aim to enable the maintenance and growth of organizations which provide education or social services for persons with disabilities.  Eligible organizations are education institutions, including special schools and special units, and social service delivery organizations, including non-government organizations and social care institutions.

 Examples of infrastructure projects are day care centres that have won support to improve toilets to make them accessible for persons with disabilities, or schools that expand units focused on children with disabilities. There are many other types of projects which could get funding. Examples of equipment grants include schools equipping classrooms with chairs and desks that are accessible for children with disabilities or universities equipping ICT facilities for students with visual impairments over the last two years the Council has been able to support and maintain more than 112 Institutions Countrywide.

The requirements for infrastructure and equipment’s 

  • Dully filled infrastructure and Equipments form
  • Bill of quantities from Public Works Department
  • Certificate of Registration
  • List of Members of Management and Board of Directors with their National ID and contacts
  • Letter of recommendation by the DSDOs proposal with the budget for the project
  • Original invoices in case of equipment
  • Land ownership document
  • Proposal with a budget of the project
  • Minutes of the management approving the project
  • Approval from relevant authorities.
  • Name of project manager and qualifications.

Infrastructure and Equipment for Institutions

To apply for Infrastructure and Equipment for Institutions, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and fill the Application form

Step 2: Enter your contact details

Applications are only successful where applicant details i.e name, ID number and disability number match our database.