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NCPWD Career Portal is a digital platform created to support Persons with Disabilities in their efforts to grow their careers by providing them with opportunities to gain relevant skills and find suitable jobs in industries/roles that they are interested in. As a job seeker you need to register through https://ncpwd.fuzu.com

Kenya has implemented various reforms and initiatives at national and county levels to address the rights and needs of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). These range from policy and legal reforms and frameworks to programmes, projects and activities that seek to mainstream disability and to offer support to PWDs.

The policy frameworks targeting PWDs are anchored on the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) while at the national level, the country has enacted the Persons with Disabilities Act (2003) which established the National Council for Persons with Disabilities to champion rights of PWDs as well as developed a plan of action on disability mainstreaming which includes the 5% job employment reservation for persons with disabilities.

It is in this that the Council in partnership with other stakeholders recently launched the NCPWD Career Portal. This Portal is a component of the wider project on Innovation to Inclusion (i2i). The portal is set to address barriers to employment for persons with disabilities within the public and private sector to ensure that government achieves the 5% job employment to parsons with disabilities as provided for in the disability act 2003. This will be done through registration of qualified candidates with disabilities inform of a database to link them to potential employers.

In the past similar job portals have been operated independently by individual organizations. The NCPWD Career portal is designed in a unique way to ensure that it does not limit the potential of this platform to just a job portal. The portal will include special courses for persons with disabilities to upskill themselves, and tailor-made blog content & thought leadership to drive value beyond that provided by the last traditional portals. To develop this platform, the top minds from Government, NGOs and the Private sector were brought together to pool in resources and brainpower. The Council in conjunction with other partners spent more than half a year developing this platform to make sure it is up to the standards that people expect from any leading organization.

The main goal of the portal is to provide equal career development to persons with disabilities, also one of the key innovations of the project is testing the digital and technology-based employment pathway and enhancing employability through digital literacy and soft-skills training using inclusive online platforms both to employers and persons with disabilities. The programme explores innovative market-based interventions to improve livelihoods and autonomy for persons with disabilities who qualify for employment. provides personalized job recommendations, career guidance and learning opportunities for individuals.

Through collaboration with traditional and non-traditional partners, it generates data and evidence in further understanding persons with disabilities benefiting from those economic opportunities. It also promotes sustainable economic employment inclusivity for persons with disability as one of the core mandates of the Council.

The portal is being coordinated by the Council in conjunction with innovation-to-inclusion programme and powered by a technology from Fuzu an East African career leading platform. Fuzu Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) programme is a three-year project aimed to address key challenges persons with disabilities experience in accessing economic opportunities and wage employment in both low and high-income countries. The Council will take charge of the portal permanently as one of its programs under disability mainstreaming.

This portal is estimated to directly benefit 3,000 persons with disabilities of a working-age by end of three years. Currently the portal covers three counties, Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. So far 1000 persons with disabilities have registered with the portal and 15 corporates have also signup.

The ONLY requirement to sign up for the program is to have an NCPWD-provided disability card that matches with your National Identity card, this can be access through http://ncpwd.fuzu.com. This has been made mandatory to avoid people with no disability abusing the platform. signing up for the portal as an employer you only need to send an email to ncpwd@fuzu.com. you will then be contacted, and guided to create an account and start posting employment opportunities to the program participants.

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National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (NDFPWD) Applications to the National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities are open through out the year.


In the context of this programme, persons with severe disabilities refers to those who need permanent care including feeding, toiletry, protection from danger by other persons, Full time support has to be offered by a caregiver to ensure their needs are attended to.


The Council has been implementing the National Persons with Albinism Sunscreen Support Programme that is providing sunscreen lotions to over 3,026 persons with albinism.


Disability Mainstreaming is an established department at NCPWD. Its sole mandate is to facilitate Disability Mainstreaming Programmes in Public and Private Sector.


The Job Placement Department deals with analyzing market information trends in order to disseminate market intelligence to the PWDs.


The Legal Service Department is an in-house service providing unit of the Council.