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Opposite ABC Place,Waiyaki way. NAIROBI


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Tools of Trade

The Tools of Trade empowerment programme for youth with disabilities is an initiative programme that seeks to provide beneficiaries with employment and wealth creation opportunities in selected sectors such as catering, automotive engineering, agriculture, beauty, and domestic services. This is achieved through the provision of start-up tool kits to start their own businesses.

The main objective of this programme is to get technically skilled PWDs into self-employment. This is as a result of challenges they face when trying to put into practice their acquired vocational trade skills into gainful employment due to either a lack of initial capital and the equipment to do the work or that getting employment is very difficult. The Tools of Trade programme is purposed to address this problem in the last two years the Council provided 751 Persons with disabilities with assorted tools of trade in their areas of expertise. 

Requirements to apply for a Tool of trade;

  • A dully filled ToT application form
  • Trade test certificate/ Vocational training certificate/ Letter of recommendation for apprenticeship.
  • Copy of applicant’s disability registration card
  • Copy of applicant’s national identity card.

Tools of Trade

To apply for Tools of Trade, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and fill the Application form

Step 2: Enter your contact details

Applications are only successful where applicant details i.e name, ID number and disability number match our database.