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Council Launches First Analytical Report on Autism and Related Developmental Disabilities

Council Launches First Analytical Report on Autism and Related Developmental Disabilities

The National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) launched a groundbreaking report on autism and related developmental disabilities (ARDD) in Kenya. This comprehensive monograph, unveiled at the Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE), marks a significant step towards understanding and addressing the needs of this vulnerable population.


Key Findings and Recommendations:


The report, based on a nationwide survey, paints a detailed picture of the current situation of individuals with ARDD in Kenya. It identifies gaps in services, challenges faced by persons and their caretakers, and outlines priority areas for intervention.

Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection, Hon. Florence Bore, emphasized the importance of supporting caregivers, urging collaboration with the National Council for Children Services to ensure healthcare access for all children with disabilities, as mandated by the Children Act 2022.

NCPWD Executive Director, Harun Hassan, highlighted Council commitment to the Autism & RDD community, showcasing the launch of the Autism and other Related Developmental Disabilities Programme, providing therapy, essential medication, and other crucial support.

The report’s recommendations will guide the program’s implementation, ensuring its effectiveness and positive impact.

A significant collaboration agreement was signed between NCPWD and KISE, aiming to provide essential therapy services to persons with Autism & RDD.

Event Highlights:


The launch event brought together various stakeholders, including government officials, disability organizations, and prominent figures like Nairobi County Woman Representative Hon. Esther Passaris, Senator Hon. George Mbugua, and disability rights activist Daddy Owen.

The monograph is available online, making valuable information accessible to a wider audience.

Overall Significance:


This initiative by NCPWD represents a major step forward in promoting the rights and well-being of persons with Autism & RDD in Kenya. The analytical report provides valuable data and insights, while the program launch and collaboration agreements demonstrate a commitment to concrete action. By addressing the identified gaps and challenges, Kenya can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all individuals with Autism & RDD.