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Council Launches First Impact Assessment Report on Cash Transfer Programme for Persons with Severe Disabilities in Historic Mandera Event

The Council launched the first-ever Impact Assessment Report on the Cash Transfer Programme for Persons with Severe Disabilities in Mandera County, Kenya. This event marked a dual significance, being both the first national occasion held by the Council in Mandera and a powerful demonstration of the Council’s commitment to serving all Kenyans, regardless of location.

The launch ceremony was graced by a distinguished list of attendees, including Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection, Hon. Florence Bore, Mandera Governor, H.E. Mohamed Adan Khalif EGH, and several prominent members of Parliament and the National Assembly.

Mandera County Chosen for Symbolic Significance

The Council’s choice of Mandera County for the event was deliberate and symbolic. As Executive Director Harun Hassan, EBS, explained, the county’s distance from the capital, challenging environment, and nomadic lifestyle highlight the critical role social protection plays, especially for those with severe disabilities.

Report Highlights Key Recommendations for Program Improvement

 The report serves as the first comprehensive review of the cash transfer program since its inception in 2010. It identifies key areas for improvement, including:

Shifting from household-based to individual-based support: This recommendation aims to provide additional financial assistance to families with multiple persons requiring 24-hour care.

Empowering caregivers: The report suggests additional support programs for caregivers, such as training in income-generating activities, to improve their well-being.

Establishing psychosocial support: Recognizing the emotional challenges faced by caregivers, the report recommends establishing programs to provide them with much-needed mental health support.

Looking Forward: Building Knowledge and Advocacy


The Council remains committed to conducting research and generating evidence-based knowledge on crucial issues within the disability sector. This research will inform government policy, program development, and advocacy efforts by stakeholders, ultimately creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for persons with disabilities in Kenya.

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