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Persons with Albinism (PWAs) Albinism program (Monocular Sensitization)

The Council has been supporting persons with albinism (PWAs) through Albinism program which its main aim is to cushion Persons with Albinism from the effects of harmful sun rays and also provision of other services and products so as to promote equalization of opportunities and realization of inclusion for PWAs to live descent livelihoods.


Through this program the Council has been able to provide sunscreen lotions, lip balms, and protective clothing for all Persons with Albinism to mitigate against the effects of harmful sun rays that cause skin cancer, recently the Council introduced to the program a monocular as an assistive device to Persons with Albinism to implement on the recommendations from Ikponwosa Ero- UN Independent Expert on albinism who visited Kenya in 2018.


To improve on the impact of this device the Council is conducting a sensitization exercise for persons with albinism especially those in learning institutions in order to give more information on the device and how to make use of it with a view of ensuring that the beneficiaries effectively use and embrace it.

This sensitization exercise is targeting majorly learners, community members and key stakeholders who are directly benefiting from the program.

Albinism (Support Program)




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